This tour gives you an insider’s view of our 122-year-old factory, where recipes passed down from one generation of master distillers to the next meet cutting-edge technology. Visit our fully operational facility and interactive museum and see for yourself how our drinks are made – from selecting the raw ingredients to bottling the finished products. You can also enjoy tastings and take part in classes at the Liviko Academy of Beverages (LAB), run by our experienced brand ambassadors and sommeliers.

Distillery tour

The tour covers all of the different stages of production – distillation, filtration, bottling and vodka mixing. You can see and smell how our infusions and aromatic spirits are made. During the tour, guests see where our products are stored and shown the Liviko laboratory, where the compliance of both raw ingredients and finished products with quality requirements is checked.

Interactive museum

Liviko’s interactive museum is a place where the past meets the future. You can explore your hidden gin-DJ skills and dress up to be photographed as the legendary Viru Valge hornblower. Or why not test your lung capacity and identify botanicals by scent? The tour ends in our magical infinity room.

Liviko Academy of Bevereages

Liviko Academy of Beverages, a.k.a. LAB, is the leading mixologist training class in Estonia. Anyone interested can take part in beverage tastings and soak up new knowledge in cocktail classes. Let our experienced sommeliers and brand ambassadors take you on a journey to a world full of new flavours and sensory experiences!


You can choose from 3 different tour packages – Classic, Premium and Tailor-made.
In addition, it is possible to partake in Vana Tallinn liqueur online cocktail classes.

Visits to Liviko must be booked in advance and the distillery’s hygiene and safety rules must be reviewed ahead of time.
To participate in the Liviko Distillery factory tour, a person must be at least 18 years old.

Open 9:00-17:00 Monday-Friday
Telephone +372 50 67 874, e-mail

Languages: Estonian, English, Russian.
Free parking for groups.
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