Vana Tallinn Elégance

This is an expression of Liviko´s liqueur artisans craftsmanship over a hundred years. The rare aged rum from the island of Martinique blended with Vana Tallinn liqueur and infused with the finest spices you could find. Grand aroma with a hint of smokiness applauds the velvety character of Vana Tallinn. Meet the finest skills and attention to detail – Vana Tallinn Elégance is a sophisticated choice for passionate connoisseurs.


Product sheet

40% vol
500 ml


Vana Tallinn Elégance is best served in a crystal tumbler over a large ice cube or neat in a snifter glass. An excellent complement to robust and forceful Nicaraguan or Dominican cigars. You might also like it combined with coffee or a dessert, including dark chocolate or nuts.

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