Both performers and audience dazzled at the Vana Tallinn Gala

The Vana Tallinn Gala, cherished passionately by opera enthusiasts, once again brought an overflow of culture and glamour to the Estonian National Opera. This event presented performances of timeless opera classics, brought to life by emerging Estonian talents – young singers who excelled in various competitions last year – alongside guest soloists from Latvia and Armenia.

General Director of the Estonian National Opera, Ott Maaten, stated, “On behalf of the National Opera and our entire collective, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Liviko for their enduring support. Our collaboration has spanned more than ten years, underscoring Liviko’s commitment to fostering professional high culture and contributing to the advancement and prosperity of our national heritage.”

The gala concert showcased exquisite arias and choral performances from the likes of Mozart, Strauss, Rossini, Verdi, Cilea, Bizet and others.

Chief conductor Arvo Volmer led the orchestra and choir of the Estonian National Opera. Among the soloists were the National Opera’s own soprano Kadri Kõrvek and tenor Yixuan Wang. Joining them were guest sopranos Annabel Soode and mezzo-soprano Tuuri Dede from Estonia, tenor Raimonds Bramanis from the Latvian National Opera and soprano Ani Yorentz from Armenia.

“The Vana Tallinn Gala, eagerly anticipated by opera enthusiasts, provides a splendid commencement to the opera season every autumn. It was wonderful to be in the company of young talents, to whom we extend our best wishes for their success!” said Enn Kunila, Chairman of the Board at Liviko AS.

A collaborative effort between Liviko and the Estonian National Opera, the Vana Tallinn Gala stands as Estonia’s longest-running classical music concert. Liviko has been a steadfast pillar of support for the Estonian National Opera since 2012, and the cherished tradition of the Vana Tallinn Gala was established a year later.

Beyond its involvement with the Estonian National Opera, Liviko proudly lends its support to the Estonian Artists’ Association, the Art Museum of Estonia, the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Eesti Kontsert, as well as the Estonian Writers’ Union’s novel competition, along with numerous other significant cultural initiatives.

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