The story

The world is yours

No one has to go on an everlasting expedition to discover new things in life. Instead, it is about being curious and constantly chasing memorable moments.

A True Spirit will know

Keep on doing what you believe in and life itself will come to you. They say a thousand failures can bring a million moments of satisfaction. And we all know that’s true.

Unlock the adventures

Worth the risk? What would you do? Vana Tallinn embodies the true sense of adventure. This is how it was created. That’s our Spirit.

Serve with delicacy

A step ahead

The best way to appreciate the friends you have is to imagine yourself without them. Always find time for them and explore new places, tastes, ideas and combinations together.

Embrace the Taste

As we know, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Vana Tallinn is best enjoyed on the rocks with a slice of your favourite citrus fruit to balance out the rich, multifaceted taste.


Born to be a legend

It was 1962 when Vana Tallinn was born. The recipe was created by Ilse Maar, a legendary Estonian liqueur artist, and her team at the Liviko factory. They took their time, working on different combinations, until they found a perfect way to blend high-quality rum, the finest spices and exotic citruses – an unheard-of combination in those days.

A well-kept secret

The exact recipe of Vana Tallinn is a closely guarded secret. Vanilla pods, orange and citrus oils mixed with rum give the drink a velvety flavour that’s both unique and exotic. Vana Tallinn quickly won people’s hearts at home and abroad.

The monument

The rich taste and impressive history, with its twist of exciting legends, are captured in a tower-like bottle inspired by the famous medieval city wall of Tallinn. It has always been the most popular gift and souvenir visitors take home with them from the country.


The premier league

A half a century and 120 million bottles later we’re still riding high. The world around us has changed, but our true spirit of adventure remains the same. Vana Tallinn has become the most popular Estonian liqueur in the world.

Staying grand

Over the years the appearance of Vana Tallinn has changed, as we keep our spirit fresh and tuned in to the zeitgeist. The recognisable tower bottle is the symbol that has stayed the same. Over time the silhouette on the label has been modified by variety of the best visual artists that worked with iconic Tallinn symbols.

Confidence is something you’re born with

Over the years Vana Tallinn has won the respect and love not only of those who believe in true spirit and excellent taste, but also among closed circles of spirits world professionals. Awards and certificates that Vana Tallinn has earned are testimony to its high quality.

Attention! This is an alcoholic beverage. Alcohol may cause damage to your health.